Assisted Living

Panama Pharmacy is committed to making the caretaker's job as simple as possible! You've probably had some days where medicating your residents becomes a chore. Often times, you may even have questions as to what your patients are taking and how it will affect them. We are here to help you, and when you are happy, we are as well.

We are devoted to two basic principles: Making your job easier and making sure that your patients get their medications exactly when they need them. We offer free delivery to all of our Group Homes & Assisted Living Facilities and we will deliver them to you as fast as humanly possible. We understand how vitally important it is that your residents get their medicine on time, and take them as they are prescribed. We will work together with you and your residents' doctors to ensure that the best medical care is provided. Our bottom line is you, and the health of your residents. Our staff is ready to assist you with anythin you need.

HIV Care

Panama Pharmacy is here to help care for HIV patients and educate people on HIV. To learn more about HIV and community resources please click on a link below:

Center for Disease Control

Northeast Florida AIDS Network

Old Fashioned Products

We offer many different types of old time remedies not found in major chain stores. Don't see something you like? We can have it for you next day! Call us for more information.


Father John's Medicine


Watkins Products