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Assisted Living

Panama Pharmacy offers multiple services to make sure that your assisted living facility can operate as efficiently as possible while caring for your patients.

Our services include:

PakMyMeds (RapidPak) - This free service conveniently packs a full month's worth of medication in individual pouches sorted by day and time to make sure patients never miss a dose! Click Here to learn more!

Unit Dose - Also known as "Bingo Cards" these can hold 30 or 90 day supplies of patient's medication and all you have to do is punch out the medicine and administer. See the picture gallery for examples.

DME - We offer a limited line of DME products in stock daily! Some examples of items we carry are: canes, walkers, crutches, bed pads/incontinence items, ect. Any item we don't carry in store we can usually get in next-day! Call and speak to a staff member today.

On-site Immunizations - Getting your assisted living patients to a pharmacy to get vaccinated can prove to be a difficult task and we understand that. Panama Pharmacy can bring the vaccines to your site for direct immunization! 

Free Delivery - If you cannot pickup your patient's medicine we will deliver them at no additional cost! We offer next day delivery Monday - Friday. We can also get all of the patient's medications in your facility lined up for delivery on the same day!

A/R Accounts - Instead of paying for each of your patient's medications separately we can create a charge account for your facility itemized by patient that can be paid on a net 30 basis. This can help make sure nothing is left out for the month and also provides ease of payment for your facility. 

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